Love opened my window

Light autumn morning, opened the Chanyi screens, opened my window, a cool breeze kiss on the cheek, although we can not say that "exotic flowers and rare herbs when Windows placed outside my window", g-suite manchester that is the Castle Peak eyeful trees staggered, so that is what it is. The more charming!

Listen to the birds that melodious music, sniff the Echinacea flower light, spend several flower Huang Cancan upwind blooming pumpkin taste roadside slopes, a small dog calmly walking past on the sidewalk g-suite, his mouth still hold a ham sausage! Last night feel depressed heart suddenly bright, colorful life so that is what it is!

Have a heart of loving you temporarily put in the corner, to the moonlit night, then a trace of love into the peach flowers flowing away with water, flows to the city for you, to have you that spring, flows to the blue you ever stare Cheongdam, carrying my love, carrying my care, or tears, we perish, for once, g-suite cardinal manchester miss the past, ask: who's who who blurred eyes, who love hurt anyone's feelings? Look at the beautiful sunshine, you, I, is God's favored one!